Europe has long been recognized for the quality of its architecture and the richness of its culture — on what other continent can you find towering castles and renowned museums intermingling with expansive vineyards and blossoming orchards? Europe’s regal past has inspired some modern-day royal ambitions in Europe’s wealthy upper class, from Germany and France down to Italy and over to the British Isles. These ambitions have resulted in some of the world’s most beautiful mansions and luxury condos — let’s take a brief look at a few of Europe’s finest domiciles.

  1. Henley Mansion

This mansion on the banks of the Thames is owned by a Russian billionaire and is home to a few of Europe’s most gorgeous swimming pools, flower gardens and golf courses. Rumors of its $220 million worth aren’t the only rumors to run rampant around this expansive property — the Henley mansion is the subject of frequent visits from paranormal enthusiasts seeking ghost encounters and stories of the spooky and scary.

  1. Kensington Palace Gardens

This British home is truly worthy of its palatial moniker. Its grounds are adorned with flowers of all different types and varieties, and in Spring the residence is surrounded by various shades of purple, red and yellow that would make even the most seasoned visitor gasp in wonder. Although it was bought recently by Lakshmi Mittal, a steel magnate and one of the wealthiest men in world history, Kensington is back on the market as of now. Sign me up!

  1. Updown Court

Located in the beautiful countryside of Surrey, England, Updown Court has truly astounding grounds (including a serene manmade lake in front of the main house). However, the real draw to this mansion are the amenities inside: Updown has numerous private theaters, tennis courts, bedrooms and swimming pools galore, not to mention several stables and garages for horses and Lamborghinis.


  1. One Hyde Park Penthouses

These penthouses are not a single mansion, but they are among the most expensive luxury condos in the world and often command price tags of around $200 million. The largest penthouse offers an unparalleled view of London’s largest park and several impressive amenities such as a private gym, an entertainment center, a swimming pool and an understated, classy personal study. If you’re not quite in the $200 million strata of wealth, fear not; smaller penthouses in the building can be purchased for a mere $20 to $30 million!


  1. Villa Leopolda

Russian billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov owns this beautiful home nestled deep in the French Riviera region. Often valued at half a billion dollars, Villa Leopolda is considered the most expensive home on the European mainland, and for good reason — King Leopold of Belgium spared no expense when constructing this mansion for himself in the early 20th century. With nineteen bedrooms and a massive garden and swimming pool on the grounds, Villa Leopolda needs a staff of hundreds just to keep up its pristine appearance! The Villa is truly the jewel of the Mediterranean, and perhaps the most beautiful mansion in Europe.