Bill Gates is the co-founder of Microsoft and is the world’s richest person. He is also an inventor, philanthropist, business magnate, investors and computer programmer. Gates has an estimated net worth of about $76 billion dollars. His wealth is so vast that he could literally buy most third world countries if they were up for sale. With this kind of wealth at his disposal, Gates has managed to build a 66,000 square-foot structure in Medina, Washington. This structure is not another company for Gates nor is it a building for doing business. This is Bill Gate’s luxury property and his home is considered one of the most expensive places to live in all of America.

In 1988 Gates purchased a lot for $2 million dollars in Medina, Washington near Lake Washington. This location was going to be the site of his new home. He then sanctioned the building of his house which took seven years to construct. His home was completed in 1995 and after it was finished he named the structure Xanadu 2.0 after the title character’s estate from the book Citizen Kane. His home cost $62 million to complete.

A total of 300 workers were needed to construct Gates home and the project was overseen by an architect named James Cutler. Two other architect firms were also involved in the process. The firms are Bohlin Cywinki Jackson and Cutler-Anderson of Bainbridge Island. At least 100 electricians were needed to wire the home. Gate’s home is now worth $154 million dollars. Every year he has to pay at least $1 million in property taxes.

From the outside Gate’s home looks like a huge wooden cabin that protrudes from a side of a mountain. Actually, most of Gate’s lodge styled home has been built into a hill. This is one reason why his house looks smaller on the outside than it actually is. Apparently, Gates wanted his mansion to have a rustic look and a cabin lodge effect. Do not be deceived by this design style. Gate’s home is a huge structure that would literally make a person’s jaw drop once they see it from the outside and from within.


Once again, Xanadu 2.0 (Gate’s home in case you forgot) is situated on the shore of Lake Washington. Since it does, it has a docking area that is set up on the shoreline of his estate. This docking area is able to accommodate a small fleet of boats and/or yachts. Gates created a small beach area that sits next to the docks. He imports sand from St. Lucia every year. The Caribbean sand helps to make his beachfront property more authentic in terms of being a real beachfront area.

There are a few garages that are built around the Xanadu 2.0. Reportedly, these garages can hold up to 23 cars all together. One garage could supposedly contain 10 vehicles alone. His driveways have heated floors. There is also a 60-foot swimming pool with an underwater music system. Sources claim that people can swim underneath the pool’s glass wall and come out into a terrace area. He has even built a 20 foot tall room that supposedly houses a trampoline. An activities building also sits out on his property as well. Gates had to have an artificial stream created to deal with rain and snow water from his property. This stream has also been stocked with fish.

His property also has a guest home that is similar to the main house. This guest home has 1 bedroom and 1 bath and it was the first structure built on his estate. Gate’s lived here while the rest of his home was being completed. He also has a 2,500 square-foot gym facility built on his property. His home is designed to use its natural surroundings to keep heat trapped inside. This feature saves him a lot of money on his heating and cooling costs.

The inside of Gate’s home is something to get excited about. When a person enters Gate’s home they are given pins that interact with sensors that are located all over the house. The pins can be used to control heat and to control music from the walls. The music will trail people as they move from one room to the next. Gate’s also uses monitors to display art but he has his system set up so that the pictures being displayed can instantly changed if a person desires to see something different. The pins can also be used to change the lighting within rooms as well. Gate’s has hidden cameras all throughout his home and even in the stone walls. This is for security purposes.

There is a reception hall in his house that is able to seat up to 200 guests. He has 24 bathrooms and 10 of those are full baths. There are six kitchens and he has fully stocked wine cellar. A personal library has been built into his home and it houses thousands of books. Gates also has a home theater that is able to seat 20 people and it comes complete with a popcorn machine.

The description given here is only a small sampling of Gate’s magnificent home. There is so much more that his house has to offer that it could literally fill up a book trying to describe it all. Ultimately, Bill Gates mansion is a home that reflects his status and his personal style.