Castles were known to be one of the places history to defend the kingdom. Most kingdoms would invest heavily in castles, as they had to be strong while still maintaining their beauty. In the modern era, castles are built to reflect the beauty and class. In addition, these castles are build for various purposes. Some people would build castles for historic restoration, or simply just for beauty.

Moreover, most people will decide on buying a castle while others will settle on building one. Building a castle is not hard in case you have the funds. There are individuals or engineers who are specialized in such buildings. If you decide to build a castle, there are various places that you can build one. This article does not go into depth about building castles; however, it describes the 3 best places to build a castle.

At the shores

The shores are some of the most wonderful places to build a castle. Normally, even in the historic eras most castles were built close to the shores. This tradition has been carried forward for generations. As opposed to the historic times where castles were built near the shores for defensive purposes, today they are built on shores for different reasons. Normally, the beauty is the top priority for most people. This is because of the view that is normally achieved. It is a spectacular view. The designs are always beautiful as well to try to blend in with the terrain that comes with the shores. However, the sites are always higher than the shores. Furthermore, the climate surrounding most shores is a friendly climate. Most of these places are warm and are filled with cool breeze at night and sometimes during the day. Most shores are normally tourist destinations. Therefore, the lifestyle that revolves around these places is amazing. There are dozens of people including girls etc.

On higher ground

Normally the higher ground would be between mountains, or just on a higher field. These castles are always filled with a good surround. Just like the historic castles, these castles have a staircase path. They always have a good wall that surrounds the whole castle. Just as the castles built at the shores, these castles are chosen for their magnificent view. One reason why people decide to build them up high is the landscape. For instance, take a place like Switzerland, many tourists would always be around to complete that social life. Other places like Ireland, the UK, among other places are also viable locations.

Near towns

Another top place to build a castle is near a town. Most towns or cities are good places especially for those people who want to have quick access to the social amenities. Towns have a perfect landscape, the social life, among other things such as girls. Even in the ancient times, most castles were built just close to the town. In other words, there were businesses around the castle. Most kings loved the social life of drinking and being around women. Nowadays, the same thing is seen as most people build classic and executive castles near towns for social display or to hold events for instance the Playboy mansion, among others.


Most of the castles that were built in the ancient times are still standing. They are spread across the world. There are plenty of castles in the England, Ireland, France, Scotland, among others. if you check them out, they are all built on higher grounds to achieve the vantage of defense. They has quite space for surrounding businesses, had beautiful landscape such as the shore, or a beautiful tree plantation or grass field, etc. Nowadays, castles are built for purposes of beauty, class, and luxury. Overall, they are spectacular places and they are beautiful.