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Month: November 2015

Why Singapore Property is Hot

It is no surprise that Singapore tops among 189 countries in ease of doing business as per the report prepared by World Bank for the year 2015. Singapore is considered as one of the most expensive property markets in the world. The pace of the growth shows quite similar trends as seen during pre-economic-crisis period in the crisis ravaged countries. While some of the western property markets like London have witnesses only a little more than the double growth, the Singapore property prices have gone up by around 232%. The government of the country is trying to keep a check on the price levels at home. But, what are possible reasons behind this? Are foreign nationals considering it as an investment opportunity to park their money abroad? Is the interest rate too low to woo the buyers? Let’s find out!


Low capital gains tax attracts foreign nationals to invest in the properties

High capital gains tax can be pretty repealing for foreigners. Contrary to that, Singapore charges low capital gains tax. This attracts the foreign investors more than anything. The tax paid by the individuals from the foreign countries is one fourth of the investment made in the properties. This is the maximum as per the country’s tax rules.


US Federal Reserve has not hiked the interest rates

When US Federal Reserve hikes the interest rates, it impacts all the economies in the world. The Fed hasn’t increased the interest rates this time also citing the reasons as providing more opportunities for the insiders. This has further increased the demand for properties in the country unlike before.


The value of Singapore dollar has remained strong constantly

Price fluctuations can prove to be devastating for the buyers of the properties. It will be hard for them to speculate about the price in the long run. The value of Singapore dollar has remained stable for long. This has furthered the wish of the individuals to stick to their goal of buying properties as they have planned beforehand.


Subsidized mortgage as provided by the government works as an incentive for the property buyers

Most of the people, around 80 percent of the people in Singapore live in the social houses. This gives them a quality option as compared to other options and other high-end cities in the world. Working population of the country contribute around 20 percent of their salary in the national provident fund. They can use the provident fund money to subside their mortgage for buying properties.


Stable political conditions give security and attract people to the city

It is true that rich people especially highly rich people can buy properties in any countries. But after paying lump sum amount of money if you don’t get enough security there is no use of the money that you are paying. Regarding this aspect, Singapore is considered as one of the highly secured countries in the world.


Laws that give further freedom to investors

As per the laws of the Singapore, anybody can acquire non-land properties in the country which are free from holdings. This makes easy for the buyers to invest in the properties. This proves regulation as the main factor which woos the buyers and makes the Singapore property hot.

3 Luxury Homes that Should be Turned to Museums

If you love real estate you may want to see beautiful ones. This is the reason why we have written this article: to show you some incredible luxury properties that should be turned to museums.

Biltmore Mansion in Asheville, North Carolina

The Biltmore Mansion in Asheville, North Carolina is an incredible example of the Guilded Age. This stylish, ultra-beautiful mansion was built by George Washington Vanderbilt The Second in the sleek style of any chateau out there. This luxury property is so large – 175,000 square feet – that it has become the largest privately-owned mansion in America. It is no wonder why this chateau draws tons of visitors each and every year. With outstanding architecture, French gardens and English landscape, this mansion is a must-see for any art lover out there. You will see tons of turrets, pitched roofs and sculptural ornamentation all over this mansion. In addition, the entrance tower is awesome containing many windows that have beautiful architecture that will amaze you in no time. The house’s carved decorations show flowing tracery and trefoils as well.

Vizcaya in Miami, Florida

Vizcaya in Miami, Florida is another incredible luxury property that you want to see just to believe. There are both a private sculpture garden and Europan-inspired gardens with the whole mansion overlooking Biscayne Bay. You will see elaborate arches, decorative detail and classical colums room after room. The smooth marble floors tend to receive a splash colorful light from the stained glass doors, which is truly a spectacle for your eyes. Though the villa has a museum, we think that the whole property should be turned to a museum because of its beauty.You have to see this mansion to have a lot of fun and learn more about art. For instance, the estate has native woodland landscape and a historic compound of outbuildings.

Lyndhurst in Tarrytown, New York

The Lyndhurst in Tarrytown, New York has been built in the Gilded Age style and is placed on a small hill. The mansion features a lawn which stretches toward the Hudson River. In addition, the estate has a four-story tower and turrets, which are just a tribute to the architect that designed this mansion. If you visit this estate, you will see many narrow hallways leading to rooms full of pointed arched windows and vaulted ceilings. You can drop by this estate whenever you want as it is open to the public.

You won’t see a lot of rooms in this Gothic mansion. Another word about the ceilings. They are fantastically ornamented and peaked. The effect: a highly romantic and somber atmosphere. You will also observe that the art galerry offers an outstanding contrast of space and light, which is something memorable. The estate is located within a park. In fact, this park is the first one that has been made along the famous Hudson River. If you want to see an astonishing example of a 19th-century design for a landscape, you have to see this park right away.

We have talked about some incredible luxury properties that should be turned to museums, and you should pay a visit to some of them in your lifetime.

Best Places to Build you Castle

Castles were known to be one of the places history to defend the kingdom. Most kingdoms would invest heavily in castles, as they had to be strong while still maintaining their beauty. In the modern era, castles are built to reflect the beauty and class. In addition, these castles are build for various purposes. Some people would build castles for historic restoration, or simply just for beauty.

Moreover, most people will decide on buying a castle while others will settle on building one. Building a castle is not hard in case you have the funds. There are individuals or engineers who are specialized in such buildings. If you decide to build a castle, there are various places that you can build one. This article does not go into depth about building castles; however, it describes the 3 best places to build a castle.

At the shores

The shores are some of the most wonderful places to build a castle. Normally, even in the historic eras most castles were built close to the shores. This tradition has been carried forward for generations. As opposed to the historic times where castles were built near the shores for defensive purposes, today they are built on shores for different reasons. Normally, the beauty is the top priority for most people. This is because of the view that is normally achieved. It is a spectacular view. The designs are always beautiful as well to try to blend in with the terrain that comes with the shores. However, the sites are always higher than the shores. Furthermore, the climate surrounding most shores is a friendly climate. Most of these places are warm and are filled with cool breeze at night and sometimes during the day. Most shores are normally tourist destinations. Therefore, the lifestyle that revolves around these places is amazing. There are dozens of people including girls etc.

On higher ground

Normally the higher ground would be between mountains, or just on a higher field. These castles are always filled with a good surround. Just like the historic castles, these castles have a staircase path. They always have a good wall that surrounds the whole castle. Just as the castles built at the shores, these castles are chosen for their magnificent view. One reason why people decide to build them up high is the landscape. For instance, take a place like Switzerland, many tourists would always be around to complete that social life. Other places like Ireland, the UK, among other places are also viable locations.

Near towns

Another top place to build a castle is near a town. Most towns or cities are good places especially for those people who want to have quick access to the social amenities. Towns have a perfect landscape, the social life, among other things such as girls. Even in the ancient times, most castles were built just close to the town. In other words, there were businesses around the castle. Most kings loved the social life of drinking and being around women. Nowadays, the same thing is seen as most people build classic and executive castles near towns for social display or to hold events for instance the Playboy mansion, among others.


Most of the castles that were built in the ancient times are still standing. They are spread across the world. There are plenty of castles in the England, Ireland, France, Scotland, among others. if you check them out, they are all built on higher grounds to achieve the vantage of defense. They has quite space for surrounding businesses, had beautiful landscape such as the shore, or a beautiful tree plantation or grass field, etc. Nowadays, castles are built for purposes of beauty, class, and luxury. Overall, they are spectacular places and they are beautiful.

Singapore dream Condos and home designs

Singaporeans are perfectionists in building condominium homes; they always spruce them up making them look sophisticated. They always build dream homes. Below are a few captivating condominium home designs created by Singaporeans


  1. Upbeat funk

It’s a fantastic building whose ceilings have exposed wooden boards that give the building an unfinished feel. It has wine aficionados that make homeowners incorporate their crave for wine by stacking the wine bottles in several rows beneath the bar counter

  1. Chic elegance

This Is a traditional apartment that is luxurious in nature. Here the home owners have opted to use metallic color schemes in a clever way. The leather sofas are done up in rich shades of grey which contrast nicely with curtains that are bronze colored. To cap it off, a potted orchid is placed on top of the dining table adding a refreshing touch that balances the rich atmosphere inside the condo

  1. A simple touch

In simple terms, this contemporary home uses colors and shapes to add verves inside the living space. Inside the living room are gorgeous venetian blinds that have varying wooden tones; they exude vibes of understated elegance. When the dangling lighting plays with the curves and angles inside the hallway, it provides an interesting piece that metaphorically and visually brightens the room.

Singapore boasts of having the best condos in the world. The condos are elegant and renown celebrities flock in Singapore to look for the best condos;’ below are a few of them;

  1. The Ardmore park

This is amongst the most prestigious apartments in Singapore. It has luxurious interiors and first class facilities. It’s accessible to orchard supermarkets.Its a good Singapore Condo

  1. The Cairnhill crest

It’s located in Cairnhill district. It has very luxurious residential development that has 3 towers. These towers offer 1 to 4 bedroom units. It has a clubhouse that has been designed by a renowned architect by the name Norman Foster. It can be accessed through the orchard road

  1. The Draycott 8

Draycott 8 has 136 exclusive apartments, villas, lofts and pent houses. It also has 2 bedrooms inside the apartment apart from having loft units. Lofts are 2- storey duplex apartments that have a balcony located at the 1st floor. The pent houses and the villas are larger in size. All units are generously furnished with luxurious and exquisite fittings

  1. The Four seasons park

It’s amongst the best apartment in Singapore. It has got full condo facilities that include a green house and an indoor tennis court

  1. The Gallop green

It’s a huge spacious layout and has quality finishing. It has spacious storage apartments inside the kitchen. It has a basement car park and locker spaces for bicycles. The environment is quiet and serene

  1. The Garage residences

It has a top notched large kitchen. It has a huge layout. It has several units that face the swimming pool where the ground floor is more expensive. It’s in a great location and is situated adjacent to the Tanglin wall

  1. The Setia residences

At Setia residences, there are only single 4-bedroom units at every level. This apartment has a private lift lobby, a modern and large equipped kitchen. The whole apartment is fitted with luxurious, modern and top quality materials

  1. The boulevard residences

This is also one of the most prestigious condominiums in Singapore. It is located near the MRT station. Amenities and international school are close by.

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